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Ever wanted to work one on one with your Jungle Body Instructor? Ever wanted to do one-one-one KONGA®? Jungle Body PI is a new revolution in Fitness Instructing where you workout together with your Trainer to the latest Jungle Body Workout tracks.

Your Jungle Body PI will create a personalised full body workout that focusses on happiness, vitality, longevity & a positive body mindset to help you become the best version of yourself.

Every Jungle Body PI Client begins the experience with a “Meet & Greet” whereby you get to connect with your Trainer, define the mental & physical goals you want to achieve, choose the music that motivates you & customise the playlist to suit your vibe. So, if you love Beyonce & you are obsessed with squat tracks, your PI can make it happen! Whether you want to be dripping in sweat, improve your technique or simply sculpt your booty, your Jungle Body PI will be right by your side squatting, boxing & working out with you to ensure you reach your goals & more importantly… enjoy the journey! 

  • What it involves

    • Boxing
    • Cardio
    • Dance
    • Sculpting
    • 100% customised to you
  • Calorie burn

    500 calories (approx)

  • Complexity/ intensity

    Completely customised to all ages, sizes & levels

  • Music

    • Afro
    • Hip Hop
    • Top 40
    • Electronic
    • Old School
    • Pop
    • R&B

What you get:

To Become a Jungle Body Personal Instructor you must be qualified in a Jungle Body Program (Konga®, Vypa®, Tyga®, Jagua® and/or Burn!) and then complete The Jungle Body PI Certificate. The Certificate includes an 8 hour E-Training system plus access to the following resources to ensure you create the ultimate fitness experience for your clients. A Jungle Body Personal Instructing  session is a collection of Jungle Body routines suited to the needs, wants & desires of the client. The Certificate provides you with the following resources:

  • Referral Guide to help you build your PI Clients
  • PI Certificate & Title
  • Communication & Connection Training
  • Goal Tracking & Progress Monitoring resources
  • “Meet & Greet” Package
  • “The Jungle Body” PI Training Plan


Become a Personal Instructor - $199

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