An Instructor Workshop is a 6 hour Session with a Certified Jungle Body Ambassador which is designed to give NEW & Existing Instructors a greater understanding of how to run a Jungle Body Program/s. The Workshop consists of Choreography, Understanding the Formula, Business Training & Question/Answer Time. To attend a Workshop you must be a qualified Instructor for the Program or you must have purchased the Training Course. All Workshops are a set price of AUD$50, you must then go here to purchase your qualification. Attending a Workshop does not make you a Certified Instructor, it is purely an educational tool to help you become a better Instructor.

KONGA® Sunday 12 Feb 2017 Graz Austria Verena Click here
KONGA® Sunday 5 Feb 2017 Sosnowiec Poland Magda Click here
KONGA® Sunday 26 Feb 2017 Surrey UK Carlie Click here
VYPA®/JAGUA® Saturday 25 Feb 2017 Queensland Australia Robyn Click here
KONGA®/JAGUA® Sunday 19 March 2017 Perth Australia Ash Click here
KONGA® Sunday 11 June 2017 Queensland Australia Robyn Click here 
KONGA® Sat 20 May 2017 Vienna Austria Verena Click here
KONGA® Sat 8 July 2017  Osterreich Austria Verena Click here
KONGA® Sat 29 July 2017 Fraser Coast Queensland Mal  Click here
KONGA® Sun 17 Sep 2017 London United Kingdom Carlie Click here
CONVENTION Fri-Sun 6-8 October Perth Australia Tara Click here
KONGA® Sun 15 Oct 2017 Sydney Australia Mel Click here

Hosting a Workshop

If you are a gym, health club or Fitness professional that would like to host a training you will need a minimum of 10 people. When you host a Workshop you provide the venue & in return we offer you:

  • 6 Hour Workshop run by a Jungle Body Ambassador
  • 1 FREE Spot at the Workshop to the value of AUD$249
  • 20% OFF the Training Course price once you have over 10 attendees signed up.
  • 1 Free Jungle Body Sport Towel
  • Marketing Material
  • Social Media Promotion about your Workshop

TO HOST A WORKSHOP, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

london workshop


  • KONGA® workshop attendance fee - AUD$50
  • KONGA® instructor qualification + Workshop - AUD$299

JOIN JUNGLE BODY Master Trainer Carlie Stevens for our KONGA® Workshop in Camden, London. This Workshop is open to all Instructors in Europe & the UK. Tickets are charged in AUD but work out to be:

Certificate(£140) or AUD$249 
Workshop (£29) or AUD$50

17 Sep 2017 - 10AM- 4:00PM @ Torbenlea Community Hall



1. Choose which programs you want to get qualified in. You can pick one or more of our Programs including.

2. Pay for the Qualification here

3. Pay & Book your spot for the Workshop here Or if you are an existing Instructor simply book your Workshop spot.

4. Receive your Training in via Email & Attend the Workshop

5. Start teaching! 

QUESTIONS? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



  • KONGA® workshop attendance fee - $50
  • KONGA® instructor qualification  - $249

JOIN JUNGLE BODY Trainer Mel in Sydney for a KONGA® Training Workshop! 

SUNDAY OCT 15 2017 - 10AM - 4PM KONGA® INSTRUCTOR TRAINING WORKSHOP @ Virgin Active Pitt St Mall, Sydney 

Book here:


Simply make payment of $50 to attend at

NEW INSTRUCTORS - Read below: 

  • Step 1 - Go to and complete the steps to purchase your QUALIFICATION.
  • Step 2 - Book your spot to the Workshop & attend: 
  • Step 3 - Complete your Online Assessment. You can complete your Online Assessment before or after the Workshop. It consists of filming yourself doing 2 routines and a 15 min written quiz. We will assess you within 14 days & then you can START TEACHING! 
  • Step 4 - Start your Jungle Body Career. You can start teaching once your Assessment has been marked & you recieve a pass! You start paying your License Fee every month once you get qualified. This gives you access to 10 new routines per month plus access to hundreds of past routines! Its ENDLESS the amount of Choreography you recieve.


  • Learn dance technique & improve your fitness instructor teaching skills
  • Find out how to be successful with marketing, promotion & PR Training
  • Learn how to teach KONGA® & deliver amazing classes


  • Virgin Active, Pitt St Mall 10am START


Yoga Mat, Sweat Towel, Lunch, ater (plenty of it)