• Tyare Pugh

    Tyare Pugh

    konga vypa jagua tyga burn

    Contact: 0433748971

    Hi! My name is Tyare and I'm formally known as "The Jungle Body with T" I'm a 2016 Ambassador for The Jungle Body and qualified in all 5 programs! Konga, Tyga, Vypa, Burn & Jagua. I'm a mother of four beautiful young children, between them and achieving my own fitness goals, I'm coming into the mindset that it's all about balance. Dancing is my passion, from Old Skool to Latin, Hip Hop & Dancehall. So join me step your body into shape while having so much fun, it hardly feels like a class! •MONDAY 9:30am Huntingdale Community Hall, SOUTHERN RIVER. •TUESDAYS 6:30pm, Harrisdale Pavilion, HARRISDALE. •WEDNESDAY 6:30PM Amherst Community Hall, CANNINGVALE. •THURSDAY 6:45pm Harrisdale Pavilion, HARRISDALE. out more at www.therealtyare.com.au MOBILE: 0433748971

  • Venessa Blight

    Venessa Blight

    konga jagua burn

    Contact: 0417813112

  • Veronika Haiderer

    Veronika Haiderer


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  • Victoria



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  • Vikki Mc Namara

    Vikki Mc Namara

    konga vypa jagua tyga burn

    Contact: +353872805635

  • Vikki Picton

    Vikki Picton

    konga burn

    My passion for Konga was discovered at a demo class 2 years ago with the amazing Robyn Campbell & has only grown & increased since. I am a medical secretary with 3 grown sons & am very excited to be starting a new journey with Konga

  • Wai Seen Kee

    Wai Seen Kee

    konga vypa tyga

    Do you sometimes feel like you life is in PAUSE? That's how I felt when I first started attending TJB classes. And now, they've provided me a reason to press PLAY. I've now got the chance to share with you how differently TJB classes can make you feel. Apart from the health/fitness/weight loss/body shape aspect (which I love!) - it makes me feel more confident about myself, and definitely happier with where my life is headed. So whether you're young or old, single or married, a mother or a grandmother, fit or not, coordinated or not, give it a go. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. For more information about Jungle Body Scene classes - check out: www.facebook.com/junglebodyscene or Instagram @junglebodyscene

  • Waiana Tagata

    Waiana Tagata


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  • Wilma Mclaren

    Wilma Mclaren

    konga vypa burn

    Contact: 07983894119

  • Winlly Goh

    Winlly Goh


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    I’m Winlly Goh.I’m from Kuching, Malaysia.I’m 32 years old.I am currently working as a catering servicer which is my family business as well.My hobby is dancing,hiking and singing.I would like to be a Konga Instructors because I like Konga. It is not only just a dance. My experience, it is a combination of all workout and most importantly, I like to teach people on the stage ; the feeling is awesome!I want to introduce konga to everyone.

  • Wong Wei Chen

    Wong Wei Chen

    konga vypa burn

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    Contact: 0198789238

    I like fitness!

  • Yin Chuah-Marcos

    Yin Chuah-Marcos


    Contact: 0420427766

    As a Jungle Body Ambassador, Trainer and Instructor, i am committed to delivering high standard of classes to ensure my participants get a real taste of what Jungle Body is about. You will transform your body, have fun and get to be wild in my classes! My classes in Sydney: Fuego Studios-235 Clarence Street, Sydney CBD KONGA 5:30pm-6:20pm I Thursday Virgin Active Health Club - Pitt Street Mall, Mid City Centre , Sydney CBD VYPA & BURN 6:40pm-7:30pm I Thursday Other class styles will be available soon, to keep yourself updated please join my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/thejunglebodysydney Or simply contact me on m:+61(0)420 427 766 e: yinchuah@gmail.com Subscribe to my Youtube channel to see me in action! http://www.youtube.com/user/YinniYinYin




    Contact: 0162335630

    I am a new mom with a baby girl, love music, fall in love with Konga in the 1st class I joined, is fun!

  • Yuki



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  • Yvette



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    I am a passionate personal trainer and group fitness instructor teach a variety of classes from Pilates & yoga to cycle and dance. I absolutely love working in the health and fitness industry and finding new fun and exciting ways of working out and helping others.

  • Yvonne Hufnagel

    Yvonne Hufnagel


    Contact: 069917877877

    Hello! I'm Yvonne, 24 years old and living in Linz (Austria). I love doing many different sports like hiking in the mountains, riding and jumping with my horse, do some outdoor activities with my little poodle Muffin.. and now I have found a new passion named KONGA! Lolololoove it :)

  • Zahara HK

    Zahara HK


    Contact: 6738712386

  • Zehra Yazici

    Zehra Yazici


    Contact: 0411575059

    I currently have Cert 4 and have several classes at a couple of gyms and am interested in your brands exercises.

  • Zulaikha Charl

    Zulaikha Charl

    konga vypa jagua tyga burn

    Contact: 0403 705 144

    Successful Instructor of all 5 Programs and now a new Ambassador for 2016, join me and so many for a class you wont ever forget! - 6.45pm TUESDAYS @ Aqualife Centre, 42 Somerset Street EAST VIC PARK www.thejunglebodywithzul.com tjbwithzul@outlook.com Find us on Instagram "Thejunglebodywithzul" and FB