• Ash Castledine

    Ash Castledine

    konga jagua burn

    Contact: +61408901292

    I'm an inspired & free spirited Wellness Coach committed to increasing the self love in women around the globe. Love yourself; love your life!

  • Ashleigh Ann MacDonald

    Ashleigh Ann MacDonald

    Contact: 0466650267

    Official JAGUA Choreographer & Creative Director. 2016 Ambassador and Master Trainer. Passionate about mental health and happiness. Science Geek. Married to my soulmate. Too much energy for one person. Live to dance!

  • Ashleigh Murray

    Ashleigh Murray

    konga vypa burn

    Contact: 0424548381

  • Ashleigh Thompson

    Ashleigh Thompson


    Contact: 07557345133

  • Asta Zilyte

    Asta Zilyte

    konga burn

  • Bear (Beryl) Amos

    Bear (Beryl) Amos

    konga burn

    Contact: 0419701040

    Qualified Konga Instructor & Konga BURN Instructor

  • Beck Houlahan

    Beck Houlahan

    konga burn

    Contact: 61423289338

    I have currently lost 29kg myself and would love to help others to achieve their goals in a fun, happy environment :)

  • Becky



    Contact: 01474 395 879

    I am a YMCA level two exercise to music instructor and a level two Gym Instructor.

  • becky head

    becky head


    Contact: 07796996324

  • Becky Sims

    Becky Sims


  • Belinda Smith

    Belinda Smith

    konga burn

    Contact: 0429096930

    This year I turn 50!!! TJB has given me the wonderful revelation that your body can improve as you age...... I'd love to help you come to that revelation too. There is nothing better than feeling your body is healthy and being fit.

  • Bellagia Nicola ides

    Bellagia Nicola ides

    konga jagua

    Contact: 07946421575

    I love Teaching Fitness,dance,fitness,Pt,Yoga,Meditation Nutrition this is my passion and my vocation. 26years into this amazing profession and i am not slowing down just yet !

  • Benjaporn Sharma

    Benjaporn Sharma


    Contact: 0432438201

  • Bernice Steeples

    Bernice Steeples


    Contact: 07928574901

    I'm a mum of 4 and have been introduced to fitness fairly late in life!! I've enjoyed regular fitness classes but wanted to try something new. My very close friend introduced me to KONGA and I haven't looked back since! I now love introducing it to others and sharing my passion. I'm in the UK

  • Bethan Moorley

    Bethan Moorley

    konga tyga burn

    Contact: 07403241230

  • Bianca



    Hi My name is Bianca and I am a mother of 3. I have done dancing all my life also at a national level! Also even taught for a little while! Once I had kids I tried it all and never found anything I liked or stuck at until now. Jungle body has found a spot in my life and it's just part of everyday life now

  • Bonnie Capocciama

    Bonnie Capocciama

    konga burn

    Contact: 07580487506

    I am a fun, energetic girl, love meeting new people and learning new things. l have a great love for music and when I found the jungle body the two just clicked! Its AMAZING!!!

  • Bowie Chan

    Bowie Chan


    Contact: 0124163022

  • Brandi Tankersley

    Brandi Tankersley

    konga vypa jagua tyga burn

    Contact: 2054952881

  • Bri-Fit


    konga jagua

    Contact: 0432879271

    I have been dancing since I was 3, participating in many competitions, concerts and conventions. Dance fitness is a passion and is a great way to get fit and have fun. I am a energetic, fun, friendly person who will ensure to make your Konga experience the best it can be! :)