• Ashleigh Ann MacDonald

    Ashleigh Ann MacDonald

    Contact: 0466650267

    Official JAGUA Choreographer & Creative Director. 2016 Ambassador and Master Trainer. Passionate about mental health and happiness. Science Geek. Married to my soulmate. Too much energy for one person. Live to dance!

  • Ashleigh Murray

    Ashleigh Murray

    konga vypa burn

    Contact: 0424548381

  • Ashleigh Thompson

    Ashleigh Thompson


    Contact: 07557345133

  • Asta Zilyte

    Asta Zilyte

    konga burn

  • Aussermayr Nadine

    Aussermayr Nadine


  • Beck Houlahan

    Beck Houlahan

    konga burn

    Contact: 61423289338

    I have currently lost 29kg myself and would love to help others to achieve their goals in a fun, happy environment :)

  • Becky



    Contact: 01474 395 879

    i am a level two exercise to music instructor i teach zumba bokwa piloxing street fit and looking to teach jungle body.

  • becky head

    becky head


    Contact: 07796996324

  • Becky Sims

    Becky Sims


  • Bellagia Nicola ides

    Bellagia Nicola ides

    konga jagua

    Contact: 07946421575

    I love Teaching Fitness,dance,fitness,Pt,Yoga,Meditation Nutrition this is my passion and my vocation. 26years into this amazing profession and i am not slowing down just yet !

  • Benjaporn Sharma

    Benjaporn Sharma


    Contact: 0432438201

  • Bernice Steeples

    Bernice Steeples


    Contact: 07928574901

    I'm a mum of 4 and have been introduced to fitness fairly late in life!! I've enjoyed regular fitness classes but wanted to try something new. My very close friend introduced me to KONGA and I haven't looked back since! I now love introducing it to others and sharing my passion. I'm in the UK

  • Bethan Moorley

    Bethan Moorley

    konga tyga burn

    Contact: 07403241230

  • Bianca



    Hi My name is Bianca and I am a mother of 3. I have done dancing all my life also at a national level! Also even taught for a little while! Once I had kids I tried it all and never found anything I liked or stuck at until now. Jungle body has found a spot in my life and it's just part of everyday life now

  • Bonnie Capocciama

    Bonnie Capocciama

    konga burn

    Contact: 07580487506

    I am a fun, energetic girl, love meeting new people and learning new things. l have a great love for music and when I found the jungle body the two just clicked! Its AMAZING!!!

  • Brandi Tankersley

    Brandi Tankersley

    konga vypa jagua tyga burn

    Contact: 2054952881

  • Bri-Fit


    konga jagua

    Contact: 0432879271

    I have been dancing since I was 3, participating in many competitions, concerts and conventions. Dance fitness is a passion and is a great way to get fit and have fun. I am a energetic, fun, friendly person who will ensure to make your Konga experience the best it can be! :)

  • Briana Toy

    Briana Toy


    Contact: 0413100282

  • Brianna LaRocco

    Brianna LaRocco

    konga tyga

    Contact: 4344663084

    Mother of two, dancer and dance fitness instructor living in Charlottesville Virginia.

  • Bridget Gane

    Bridget Gane


    Contact: 0274782556