• Kara Kelso

    Kara Kelso


    Contact: 0413137816

    Dance and fitness instructor in Broome WA

  • Kara Mitchell

    Kara Mitchell


    Contact: 0400233066

    Hi guys, I'm a full time mum of 2 toddlers and a part time accounts manager. I also run my own PT business and I love HIIT and boxing and dancing so I thought Konga sounded amazingly fun!! Cannot wait to get my small town feeling the Jungle Body vibe!

  • Karen Dowling

    Karen Dowling


  • Karen Kelly

    Karen Kelly

    konga vypa

    Contact: 07947367169

    I'm a fitness fanatic who used to be over weight! I on my way to becoming a black belt in kickboxing and love the hard work.I have been attending a Konga class for a year and loved it so much I just had to share it

  • karissa osterberg

    karissa osterberg

    konga vypa burn

    Contact: 61430791807

  • Karolina



  • Karolina FLIZIK

    Karolina FLIZIK


    Contact: 07838071931

  • Kate


    konga vypa jagua burn

  • Kate Morier

    Kate Morier


    I have done dancing for 18 years and when it was time to stop I really missed dancing! So konga gives me the opportunity to fill that missing gap and also stay fit!!

  • Katherine Clark

    Katherine Clark

    konga burn

    Contact: 0407987839

    I'm a first time mother to a beautiful 7 month old little girl!! I danced when I was younger till about the age of 16 when I got injured but have always had a passion for health and fitness. After attending Bec and Jenna's classes even throughout my pregnancy I thought what better way to make this my job and help other Mumma's get there grove on!!! I'm so excited for this new chapter!!

  • katherine Hubbard

    katherine Hubbard


    Contact: 07961933216

    Passionate about people having FUN when they work out and really pushing themselves whilst doing that. I love fitness and music and being able to combine the two is such good fun so it doesn't feel like a chore to work out. I see becoming an instructor as building a new family where we all support each other, work hard and have FUN!

  • Kathryn


    konga jagua tyga burn

  • Kathy Lamont

    Kathy Lamont

    konga tyga

    Contact: 0421160605

  • Kathy vanReeken

    Kathy vanReeken

    Contact: 0424666315

    I have the best job ever, I just LOVE the variety of routines and music involved. The Jungle Body program has changed my body like no fitness programme I have ever done before. It challenges and inspires me as an instructor and I strive to make all my classes easy-to-do, results driven, challenging, inspiring and so much fun you'll never want to miss a class! Find more information Website: www.junglebodywithkathy.com Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JungleBodyWithKathy

  • Katie


    konga vypa tyga burn

    Contact: 0478 116 200

  • Katrina Ball

    Katrina Ball

    konga vypa tyga

    Contact: 0433663996

    I have recently lost total of 25kgs and have gone through complete transformation of finding myself physically and mentally. I am a mummy of 3 beautiful children- 14, 5 and 2 year old and a wifey to their daddy. I am ever so passionate about wanting to get other women out of their comfort zone and most importantly to love, invest and prioritize themselves whilst having fun.

  • KATY


    Contact: 0433359792

  • Kayla Cabrini

    Kayla Cabrini

    konga jagua tyga burn

    Contact: 0455300117

  • Kelly Green

    Kelly Green

    konga jagua burn

    Hi there! I have a Wednesday evening class at 6:30pm at Wandi pavilion. I have a passion for the fitness industry and strive to learn new and exciting ways to keep my body healthy. My Cert III and VI in Fitness has allowed me to follow this path even more and to grow as a Konga instructor. If you want to burn up to 700 calories in under an hour while shaking your booty, join me! www.facebook.com/kongawithkelly/

  • Kelly Lello

    Kelly Lello

    Contact: +61422881937

    Im a fifo wife and mother of 2 gorgeous children. I started doing Konga last year and absolutely fell in love with it :) The kids even love to do a few moves while I Konga in the lounge room with me haha :)