• Emma carty

    Emma carty

    konga burn

    Contact: 07821453042

  • Emma Case-Boakes

    Emma Case-Boakes


    Contact: 07734128646

  • Erica Bates

    Erica Bates

    konga vypa tyga burn

    Contact: 0437713156

  • Erin Lankowski

    Erin Lankowski

    konga tyga burn

    Contact: 0431176825

    (Formally The Jungle Body DUO) Husband & Wife Jungle Body Team! Starting out many years ago as a participant myself, with no confidence after my first baby and extremely unco-ordinated, I lost well over 20kg! Found a passion for health/fitness and decided to become an instructor myself! After teaching for over 3 years, (right up to 8months pregnant with my second bub) I encourage all mums to give my classes a go! There is NOTHING we cannot do!

  • Esther A Cooper

    Esther A Cooper

    konga vypa jagua tyga burn

    Contact: +61 449 516 417

    I am a vibrant and energetic individual who possesses a positive attitude in sharing all that is good and love empowering others to achieve set goals. The Jungle Body programs help me fulfil my passion in life...to DANCE away any stresses and help people find the same joy and purpose I have found. Healthy mind and body and a fantastic way to make friends. YOU WILL LOVE THESE WORKOUTS!!!

  • Everybody Jungle Body

    Everybody Jungle Body

    konga vypa jagua tyga burn

    Contact: 0433471724

    Everybody Jungle Team: Sarah, Kendall & Brooke. We hope to see you shaking it with us soon.

  • Fanny Eng Hui Ying

    Fanny Eng Hui Ying


    Contact: +60168758032

  • Fern Martin

    Fern Martin


    Contact: 0481306969

  • Fitness with Zoe

    Fitness with Zoe

    konga tyga burn

    Contact: 0449258112

    HI all, Becoming an instructor is something I had always wanted to do but I wasn't sure what I wanted to teach until I found The Jungle Body! The Music, The moves, The styles! It is all amazing and fresh and keeps me coming back for more routines each month. I am so privileged to be an ambassador for the program in my community :) Spreading the Jungle Body love everywhere I go. xoxo

  • Fleur Hebberd

    Fleur Hebberd

    konga jagua

    Contact: +64212576555

  • Fran McGlinchey

    Fran McGlinchey


    Contact: 0478043056

    Energetic and fun loving! New mummy Living in Sydney since 2012 and loving it! Dancing, instructing, inspiring and just meeting new people make me happy!

  • Frances Grande

    Frances Grande

    konga jagua burn

    Contact: 0405385882

  • Gemma wright

    Gemma wright


  • Georgia Damasco

    Georgia Damasco

    konga jagua burn

    Contact: 0433742807

  • Georgia Hopper

    Georgia Hopper


    Contact: 07984379736

    hey! I'm georgia and have been teaching konga for 4-5 years. I currently teach in gyms around the Elmbridge area and classes have grown and become success over the years. I love konga, I love the way it makes everyone in class smile and makes them feel good throughout the whole class.

  • Grace


    konga jagua tyga

    Performing Arts Graduate, mum of 3 boys and lover of fitness and dance.

  • Hala



    Contact: 0405278250

    My name is Hala and live, love and breathe dance and fitness! Making people happy and inspired is what makes me love my job!I look forward to every single class and everytime we are there we forget about all the stresses and worries of day to day and just get in the zone!

  • Haliza



    Contact: +60168531672

  • Hannah Manton

    Hannah Manton


    Contact: 07984789710

    After having done Konga for 1 year now, I was inspired by Tina Dicker's classes to learn to teach myself. I have had many years dance training when I was younger (from age 4-18) and really loved learning salsa too. I am keen to learn new routines whilst keeping myself fit and trim!

  • Hayley


    konga vypa