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Connie Wong

Connie Wong photo

0448900485 | Harrisdale, Western Australia, Australia

I had a dance background when I was young, and to dance again through the Jungle Body workout feels amazing. Doing this workout makes me feel happy and sexy, and I would love to share this with people I come across.


Cornelia Giffinger

Cornelia Giffinger photo

Gols, Austria


Courtney Bararuhanya

Courtney Bararuhanya photo

0400210477 | Perth, Western Australia, Australia


Danielle Loughlin

Danielle Loughlin photo

07850227720 | Chester-le-Street, Durham, United Kingdom

I am a passionate fitness instructor and dance teacher working in various aspects of the dance and fitness industry. My professional qualifications include Ba(Hons) Degree in Dance Choreography; Associate member of the IDTA in Freestyle and Street Dance. I am also fully qualified and licensed to teach Zumba; Zumba Gold; Zumba Kids; Metafit and Bokwa. I aim to provide fun and enjoyable fitness classes for all ages and abilities.


Danielle Wilkinson

Danielle Wilkinson photo

0423648063 | Mount Pleasant, Queensland, Australia

I have been attending the Jungle Body classes with Zoe Spillane in Townsville while completing my psychology degree over the last few years. I have now moved back to my hometown of Mackay and miss it so much and have found there is nothing like it here so would love the opportunity to bring these awesome classes to everyone who has been missing out. I also love how the Jungle Body not only helps fitness but mental health as well.


Debbie Clancey

Denise Dragaschnig

Denise Dragaschnig photo

Graz, Steiermark, Austria

I am 29 years old and I love group fitness and the feeling that you have really worked out when finishing a class. I already attend jungle body classes and now I would love to bring the joy and energy I feel after and during every lesson to other people.


denisse reyes

denisse reyes photo

+971551882997 | Dubai, Dubayy, United Arab Emirates

personal trainer


dexter venita

dexter venita photo

0189430474 | bayan lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Wow Factor


Di Stiller

Di Stiller photo

0435120548 | Blue Mountain Heights, Queensland, Australia

Di Stiller: Registered Nurse specialising in Mental Health At Night, Business Woman AM & PM, Wife, Mother of 2 Beautiful Adult Children, 5 Chickens & A Cat 24/7. I have been teaching in the fitness industry since 2012 & have trained in many programs. Jungle Body is by far one of my favourites & I am soon to add my sixth training. I run my own business hiring local Venues as well as utilising Council Healthy Lifestyle initiatives to spread the JB Love. Out of 10 classes on my fitness timetable, 5 are Jungle Body Adult & Low Impact Combo's, Plus Konga Kids & Konga Kids Special Needs (Soon to be Roar & Roar Special Needs). My current mission is to secure more spaces to add two Get Low classes to my schedule in the next couple of months. I am truly honoured to be chosen Jungle Body Ambassador for Australia for 2020/2021


Donna Mahon

Donna Mahon photo

0447542000 | Bateman, Western Australia, Australia

Hey! I am Donna, a mum of three gorgeous, energetic little boys that are my entire life. Having had to restart my life, I found an outlet that made me feel alive again, running. From running came konga, attending classes instructed by my cousin every week. At a time that many thought I would crumble to the ground, I showed strength, for my boys and myself... Everyday is one more day I am reminded that my life is what I have made it, what I have fought hard for. This is what I want to show and teach not just my boys but others around me. I look back at my life the past two years and am very proud and excited of where I stand today, taking the next step in what will be part of the awesome journey I call my life, becoming a konga instructor.


Donna Taylor

Donna Taylor photo

Roydon, United Kingdom


Donna Tudball

Donna Tudball photo

0427926235 | thornton, New South Wales, Australia


Dorota Szyplinska

Dorota Szyplinska photo

+48502780239 | Gdansk, Poland

Dance and fitness freak :-) Zumba and Fitness Instructor since 2011. Mother of three big boys. Living and working in Poland, Gdańsk.


Easter Rouk Lieng Sim

Easter Rouk Lieng Sim photo

+60198282681 | Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Pushing my limits, expanding my horizon.


Edelyn S. Ignacio

Edelyn S. Ignacio photo

Davao City, Philippines

Fitness enthusiast, currently employed in Muscat Oman.


Elaine Keogh

Elaine Keogh  photo

0857574434 | Monaghan, Monaghan, Ireland

Hi, My names Elaine keogh. Im 37yrs old & a Jungle Body Instructor based in Monaghan, Ireland. As a busy Mom of 3 kids the absolute highlight of my week is when I get to Switch off Mammy Mode for 1 hour & help My TRIBE feel Empowered & Amazing after every single workout! It really is the Most Amazing feeling to be able to help people Improve their Mental & Physical Health throughout my journey of being an Instructor & Ambassador. The Jungle Body really is for Everyone & that's why I absolutely love it !


Elaine Koller

Elaine Koller photo

+6421744988 | Kingsland, Auckland, New Zealand

I like to move and I LOVE to dance! Dancing = happiness.


Elaine Rowell

Elaine Rowell photo

07765466450 | Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

I am a professional, qualified and experienced instructor with sound knowledge and skills in teaching dance & exercise activities. Professional Qualifications include: Bsc (Hons) Degree in Sport & Exercise Development, IDTA Fellowship Freestyle, Associate Ballet, Associate Street. I am also a fully qualified instructor of Zumba Fitness & Metafit. I am passinate & driven and have an innate ability to motivate self & others.


Eléni Bainbridge

Eléni Bainbridge photo

07969159499 | Worthing, Surrey, United Kingdom

I'm 40 years old and I hate exercise... Or should I say hated. I could never get motivated to do any and would get bored quickly, then stop. I went along to a Jungle Body class 4 years ago, to support my beauty therapist who was newly qualified in The Jungle Body and have been hooked ever since! I have 2 children, 2 cats and 1 husband.


Elenor Jacob-Watkins

Elisabeth Zmugg

Elisabeth Zmugg photo

Seiersberg-Pirka, Steiermark, Austria

I am an open-minded, motivated and ambitious person who enjoys the movement. With my captivating way, I manage to inspire other people. I see "the Jungle Body" as a way to develop myself in a sporty way.



Elissa photo

0403611969 | Perth, Western Australia, Australia

I’m loud and energetic. I love to dance and inspire others to become the best version of themselves.


Elizabeth Kerr

Elizabeth Kerr photo

07933705232 | Leicestershire, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Mum of 5 fantastic kids, found fitness relatively late in life - a total life saver and game changer. It helped me stay strong and sane through my beautiful husbands relapse. Keen to share the benefits now with everyone, especially the girls in recovery from addiction that I work with.


Elli Boatfield

Elli Boatfield photo

0448175686 | Ayr, Queensland, Australia

Hi, my name is Elli and I am the face behind Eleven Body + Mind. I begun dancing at the age of 2 at my Aunty’s dance school in Home Hill. I have danced all my life, performing in front of hundreds of people and teaching young aspiring dancers. After moving to Brisbane in 2016, I begun attending adult dance classes. This opened my eyes to the world of adult dance fitness! Moving back to the Burdekin in 2019, I decided to teach my own adult dance cardio classes... and so begun Eleven Dance Cardio. Throughout 2019, I studied my Pilates and Barre certifications and decided to open a studio in 2020. I enjoy not only helping people exercise their bodies, but also engaging with the community and making people happy.


Ellie Buswell

Ellie Buswell photo

0459999592 | Aveley, Western Australia, Australia

I've been doing calisthenics for around 12 years and absolutely love to dance and perform. I'm super confident, loud and love meeting new people! I enjoy going to the gym but much rather incorporating dance into a workout to make it more lively and enjoyable, hence why I started participating in Konga classes myself. I can't wait to get started!


Emilie St-Amour

Emilie St-Amour photo

8195938922 | Roberval, Québec, Canada

I'm a yoga teacher and a holistic coach.



Emily Shi Thu Su Whei


Emma photo

0408542737 | South hedland, Western Australia, Australia

I'm a 22yr old mum with a family who loves to move and most importantly have fun ❤️


Emma Bradshaw

Emma Bradshaw  photo

07583131980 | Staffordshire, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

I have taught classes for 22 years and adore my job. I love anything that involves dancing and jumping!


Emma Gianoncelli

Emma Gianoncelli photo

0420558655 | Forrestfield, Western Australia, Australia


Emma Maskell

Emma Maskell photo

Epsom, Surrey, United Kingdom


Emma Ross

Emma-Bree Harvey

Emma-Bree Harvey  photo

0413301093 | wellard, Western Australia, Australia

My names Emma-Bree,Im 30 years old with 2 children. I've been doing Konga for 10 years, started with Tara when Tara first started. Konga is the one thing that i have kept at and it's been a dream of mine to become a instructor but i have always been worried I'm to fat. I'm a curvy girl with alot of determination and drive.. I suffer a Autoimmine disease called lupus and have arthritis but that has never stopped me from doing a class no matter how i feel. Konga is the only thing that keeps me sane in such a crazy world.


Emmelyn ng

Erin Lankowski

Erin Lankowski photo

0431176825 | Perth, Western Australia, Australia

(Formally The Jungle Body DUO) Husband & Wife Jungle Body Team! Starting out many years ago as a participant myself, with no confidence after my first baby and extremely unco-ordinated, I lost well over 20kg! Found a passion for health/fitness and decided to become an instructor myself! After teaching for well over 5 years, (right up to 8months pregnant with my second bub) I encourage all mums to give my classes a go! There is NOTHING we cannot do! My classes are fun, sweaty and very welcoming,I promise you,you will not walk out of my class without a laugh and a big smile!



Esther photo

0162028908 | Bukit Jalil, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia


Esther A Cooper

Esther A Cooper photo

0449516417 | Wellesley Islands, Queensland, Australia

I am a vibrant and energetic individual who possesses a positive attitude in sharing all that is good and love empowering others to achieve set goals. The Jungle Body programs help me fulfil my passion in life...to DANCE away any stresses and help people find the same joy and purpose I have found. Healthy mind and body and a fantastic way to make friends. YOU WILL LOVE THESE WORKOUTS!!!


Eunice Ng

Eunice Ng photo

0423729099 | SUCCESS, WA, Western Australia, Australia


Fanny Eng Hui Ying

Fern Martin

Fern Martin photo

0481306969 | Marangaroo, Western Australia, Australia


Fiona Seal

Fitness with Zoe

Fran McGlinchey

Fran McGlinchey photo

0478043056 | Camden, New South Wales, Australia

Energetic and fun loving! New mummy Living in Sydney since 2012 and loving it! Dancing, instructing, inspiring and just meeting new people make me happy!


Frances Grande

Frances Grande  photo

0405385882 | Middleton Grange, New South Wales, Australia


francesca fox


Gabbie photo

0437319692 | Balclutha, New Zealand

I am a fun, friendly person who absolutely loves dancing and exercising. I'm am at uni studying Exercise Sports Science and rehab and loving it. I love helping people reach their goals..and I guess that's why I study what I do and became a Jungle Body instructor. 😘



Gemma  photo

07904561232 | Rotherham, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom


Gemma McCartney

Gemma Wikeley

Gemma Wikeley  photo

07912316424 | Hampshire, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Hi I’m Gemma! I’ve only recently gotten into the jungle body, mainly since lock down but I am obsessed! Thanks to my wonderful instructor Chloe! I am a flight attendant, but also have my level 2 gym instructor and spin instructor! I’m passionate about everything I do, I’m bubbly and love people and would love to be part of the Jungle Body Family :)


Gemma Wright

Gemma Wright photo

07843005130 | Penyffordd, Flintshire, United Kingdom

I’m Gemma I’m 35, mummy to two gorgeous boys and literally do not know how to sit still. I have a love for learning all things fitness and dance and feel very fortunate to be able to teach as my full time job. I absolutely love teaching the Jungle Body programmes delivering high energy classes and being to influence people further with this amazing brand.


Genevieve Malone

Genevieve Malone photo

Tuart Hill, Western Australia, Australia


Geniene Gooderham

Georgia Edwards

Georgia Edwards  photo

07534935808 | Diss, United Kingdom

I have been doing hip hop dancing for 10 years, i found Jungle Body in February and i have loved every single class, i adore the positive vibes and the atmosphere. In my spare time i love going to the beach and i love gaming too. I have also gone to drama school for a year to study acting and I have performed in numerous shows.


Georgia Hopper

Georgia Hopper photo

07984379736 | Molsey, Surrey, United Kingdom

hey! I'm georgia and have been teaching konga for 4-5 years. I currently teach in gyms around the Elmbridge area and classes have grown and become success over the years. I love konga, I love the way it makes everyone in class smile and makes them feel good throughout the whole class.


Georgia Moloney

Gigi Lee Siew Chooi

Gigi Lee Siew Chooi photo

Taman Pelangi Indah, Johor, Malaysia



Gina photo

Graz, Steiermark, Austria

Hey I´m Gina, I´m living and studying in Graz, Austria. Since I was little I loved being active and trying out new types of sport. I started with Ballett and horseback riding, tried Volleyball, Tennis and Basketball. When I was 14 I changed to a sports high school. Over the years I´ve tried many more things including swimming, pole dance, piloxing, beach volleyball, fitness studios etc. Except of Beachvolleyball I haven´t found the one thing that I completely enjoy. Due to the fact that I live in Austria Beachvolleyball is limited to a few months each year, so I wanted another sport that makes me happy and which I can practice all year round. And I found it - Konga. Now I wanna be able to teach others and make them happy by being active as well :) Cheers Gina


Giorgia Schijf

Giorgia Schijf photo

0437236856 | Morley, Western Australia, Australia


Grace Hewitt

Grace Hewitt photo

+61404759404 | Hamilton Hill, Western Australia, Australia

I am a teacher, visual artist and postgrad uni student based in Hamilton Hill, Western Australia. After being a Jungle Body class participant for the past six years, I decided to put my hand up to become an instructor! I have been very blessed to have had such kind, inspiring instructors who create such an amazing and welcoming atmosphere in their classes and it is my hope you will find the same vibe in my classes too! I don't know about you but after long hours of sitting down at a desk, jumping around, dancing and boxing to great music with gal pals makes me feel awesome! Looking forward to seeing you at my next class!



Hannah Al-Khaldi

Hayley Aylott

Hayley Aylott photo

0481225612 | Parap, Northern Territory, Australia


Heidi El Rashidi

Heidi El Rashidi photo

Giza, Al Qahirah, Egypt

I’m a middle school math teacher at the International school of Choueifat. I also play kickboxing and love to dance.


Helen Baker

Helen Baker photo

07732879123 | Ryde, Isle of Wight, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

I am a self employed fitness Instructor and mum to a a little girl who keeps me very busy! I'm excited to be the first Jungle Body Instructor on the Isle of Wight, and I love love love teaching Konga!!


Helen Britt

Helen Britt photo

0422970566 | Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia

email: hmbritt@gmail.com


Helen Davey

Helen Davey photo

0401075210 | Esperance, Western Australia, Australia


Helen Purkiss

Helen Purkiss photo

07875178615 | Welwyn, United Kingdom

Although I have always enjoyed keeping fit I fell in love with aerobics style classes after having my 2 children. I qualified in Exercise to Music in May 2016 and have been teaching aerobics/body conditioning classes since. I discoverd The Jungle Body at Move Fit in London and instantly fell in love with it and the concept! I love the music and the amazing workout you get, for me nothing else compares! :-)


Helen Sadler

Helen Sadler photo

07899905348 | Grimsby, United Kingdom

The Jungle Body UK Ambassador. Providing a fusion of Dance & Fitness. For all ages. "It doesn't have to be a chore to stay in shape. Have fun, keep fit and make new friends along the way". Come and learn from an industry professional. With an emphasis on making new friends & having fun, you won't even know how hard you're working! You'll stay in shape, feel positive & be full of energy! Helen has worked as a professional Dancer & Singer for the past 15 yrs. She has danced all over the world, cruising with prestigious Cruise Lines and is a qualified Teacher of Dance, Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor, Bokwa Fitness Instructor & Piloxing & Powerhoop Instructor. Returning to her home town of Grimsby in 2012 Helen brings her own special blend of FUN, FUSION & FITNESS to you all.


Helena Popadynec

Helena Popadynec photo

0474322020 | Morley, Western Australia, Australia

I'm Helena and I'm 18 years old and I'm currently in my first year of studying sport and exercise science majoring in nutrition. I was first introduced to Konga when I was 14 and I fell in love with it and have been doing it ever since! I have also been dancing for the past 15 years and love performing in front of an audience. Having participated in Konga for so long I'm very excited to finally be an instructor as it's something I'm very passionate about.




60128061800 | SANDAKAN, Sabah, Malaysia

The one and only Konga Class in Sandakan recently. Cheerful, open-minded and passionate. I'm an appointed instructor for Beijing Chinese Folk Dance Grade Test and now. I'm a qualified Konga Instructor


Ina Walters


Iva photo

0403167755 | Fawkner, Victoria, Australia

A designer by profession and a fitness lover by passion. I found The Jungle Body Program 5 years ago and instantly fell in love with working out. I now lead an active (and fun) lifestyle I once thought was impossible. Come and absorb some of my contagious energy, you won't feel like it's a workout. Let's get fit, have fun and feel fabulous!


Jacquelyn Costa

Jacquelyn Costa photo

Hamlyn Heights, Victoria, Australia

I love to dance and have been dancing my whole life! The Jungle Body makes me feel sexy and empowered and I can’t wait to share my passion with Geelong.


Jamie Jones


Jenilee Plummer

Jenilee Plummer photo

0409615243 | Thornlie, Western Australia, Australia

HELLO!! My Jungle Body journey started early 2016 after attending a Konga class with a friend, immediately I was hooked and wanted more, so what better then to become an instructor?! With a few modalities under my belt I love expanding my "toolbox" for all things health and wellness, it is my passion in life. With a diploma in Remedial Massage, a few other complimentary modalities and currently working as a qualified Colonic Hydrotherapist getting into the fitness field felt like it was just the next step. I like to bring my knowledge of the human body on all levels together to share a complete picture with people. I am currently teaching Konga in Perth, South of the River and am very excited for what dimension this will bring to my life and how I can pay it forward! I am a mother too so I understand how hard it can be to set that time aside for yourself and reach your fitness goals. This is part of what hooked me in to The Jungle Body Programs - giving you the ultimate workout to achieve results, while taking out just an hr for yourself = Magic! I look forward to meeting anyone who wishes to participate in my classes, it's all smiles and good vibes only, anyone and EVERYONE is welcome :) If you want more information about my classes head over to my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thejunglebodywithjen/



Jenna photo

07769328121 | Arbroath, Angus, United Kingdom

I have been dancing since the age of 3, qualified professional stage dancer and been teaching since I was 16 years old. I have my own dance organisation called 'Dance JC' teaching kids aged 3 up to adults.


Jenna Chaffey

Jenna Swankie

Jenna Swankie photo

0481560337 | West Leederville, Western Australia, Australia

Hey, I’m Jenna, #bossbabe of The Jungle Body with Jenna. I’m 29 years old, originally from Scotland and recently just got engaged! My daytime job is teaching dance in primary schools all over Perth and by night I teach my own Jungle Body classes in Floreat. I am extremely passionate about what I do and hope to inspire others to live a happy, healthy lifestyle.


Jennafer Duffy


Jenni photo

07766807728 | South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, United Kingdom

I am a dance and fitness enthusiast, busy mum of 2, wife and part-time logistics supervisor. I love hip hop and dancehall music so The Jungle Body programmes are right are right up my street :-)



Jennifer photo

0447543857 | Desert Springs, Northern Territory, Australia


Jenny Waller

Jess Bache

Jess Duffey

Jess Duffey photo

0419107615 | Maida Vale, Western Australia, Australia

I'm a mum of 3 and 29 years old. I have danced since I was 4 years old. I gave up dancing when I had my first child. After i had my second child i was really determined to lose all the extra weight and improve my fitness. 2 months after i started my weight loss journey a friend told me about jungle body. I was determined to give it a try(anything would be better than the boring treadmill). I instantly fell in love. It was everything i was missing. The loud music being surrounded by friends, exercising, dancing and enjoying time to myself. I ended up losing 20+ kgs. Since then I have had my third child. I was teaching classed until I was in my 32nd week of pregnancy. I would love to inspire and motivate other into a healthy enjoyable lifestyle. Fitness and working out can be fun.


Jess Johnston

Jess Johnston photo

Derby, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

If you’d have told me 6 years ago I was going to be a dance fitness instructor I would have probably laughed in your face! After my first daughter was born I slipped into a spiral of depression and weight gain, then more depression as I felt fat and ugly. I found a local gym initiative where you could sign up for free and as long as you attended regular meetings (bit like weight watchers) you could attend the gym for free. I became obsessed but lost 3 stone. I had a unhealthy obsession with the gym and loved being on my own. I began to recognise the need for me to be around people as I could feel depression coming on again. That’s when I found exercise to music classes in my local community. I love all exercise to music however my favourite has got to be The Jungle Body programs. I love the buzz I get from dancing and boxing all my cares away. I’m now a fit and healthy person (in mind and body) and jungle body has been part of that, I don’t know where I’d be today without it. I thank Tara for making such a great philosophy and some great programmes. I’ve made some great friends in my participant and instructor journey, some of them becoming my closest friends. I can’t wait to teach classes to give me the opportunity to pass my love for The Jungle Body on to my participants.



Jessica photo

0430479207 | WELLARD, Western Australia, Australia


Jo Davies

Jo Davies photo

Wantage, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom


Jo Moody

Jo Moody photo

07905693631 | Derby, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

I am qualifying at level 2 exercise to music and hope to then deliver konga .


Jocelyn Pang

Jocelyn Pang  photo

60125718788 | Padang Serai Kedah, Malaysia

Im Jocelyn Pang , Mummy with 2 kids. I like music , dancing , workout and fitness.


Johanna Wibden

Johanna Wibden photo

07803608861 | Chessington, United Kingdom

I started dancing when I was three years old and have not stopped since. I worked for many years for the Warner leisure hotels at various different sites throughout the UK as a dance captain and assistant entertainment manager. I then moved to SIblu (formally Haven Europe ) to work as a choreographer and more recently worked for 5 years in Cyprus as a dancer and entertainment team leader. My main passion for dancing is Latin and for the last 4 years have partnered for a local dance school for the national medalist finals in Blackpool. One of my greatest achievements is my 1st Dan black belt in karate/kickboxing which I trained in for many years.


Jude Quinlan

Jude Quinlan  photo

0419855508 | Floreat, Western Australia, Australia

I have been attending Konga classes with Jenna for a little over a year now and have become addicted to the energy, the moves, the community and the way it makes me feel. I am a 16.5 year old teenage boy who has never really done a lot of team sport. Finding Konga has been incredible for me and for my overall physical and mental health. I want to become an instructor so I can spread this feeling to more teenagers and provide kids the same opportunity that Konga has given me in being able to escape the stresses of school life for an hour.


Julia Potter

Julia Potter photo

07855142692 | Droitwich, Worcestershire, United Kingdom


Julia Sailer

Julia Sailer photo

Leoben, Steiermark, Austria


Juliana Ng

Juliana Ng  photo

+60198126395 | Kuching, Malaysia

I love music and definitely love to dance . Stay happy ,stay healthy and music makes all that happen.



Julie Heighway

Justine Fry

Justine Fry photo

07835572290 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

I'm Justine, a freelance dance artist and event organiser from Dorset, South West England, now living and loving life in Amsterdam, The Netherlands! I never imagined my journey would guide me to this amazing city but truly believe everything happens for a reason. I am outgoing, ambitious and love a challenge! This is one of the many reasons I launched The Jungle Body here to share the love of movement, music, good energy and positivity to communities around The Netherlands. My life motto is to always think positively and to appreciate the little things that bring happiness.


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