• Danielle Rafferty

    Danielle Rafferty

    Contact: 0417919695

  • Danielle Satsias

    Danielle Satsias

    konga jagua tyga

    Contact: +44 7765847639

    My name's Dani and I've got Konga classes running in Central London, UK. Classes run on a drop in basis and everyone is welcome... So come and give it try!! :) For more information, 'Like' my page on Facebook: The Jungle Body with Dani - UK or check out my website: www.dancefitnesslondon.co.uk

  • Danielle Turner

    Danielle Turner

    konga vypa jagua tyga

    Contact: 0450872818

  • Danielle Wilkinson

    Danielle Wilkinson


    Contact: 0423648063

    I have been attending the Jungle Body classes with Zoe Spillane in Townsville while completing my psychology degree over the last few years. I have now moved back to my hometown of Mackay and miss it so much and have found there is nothing like it here so would love the opportunity to bring these awesome classes to everyone who has been missing out. I also love how the Jungle Body not only helps fitness but mental health as well.

  • Deirdre


    konga burn

    Contact: +353851918355

  • dexter venita

    dexter venita


    Contact: 0189430474

    Wow Factor

  • Di Stiller

    Di Stiller

    konga tyga burn

    Contact: 0435120548

  • Diana


    Contact: +61 4001407320

    Love music, dancing and dream :)

  • Donna Mahon

    Donna Mahon

    konga vypa tyga

    Contact: 0447542000

    Hey! Am Donna, a mum of three gorgeous, energetic little boys that are my entire life. Having had to restart my life, I found an outlet that made me feel alive again, running. From running came konga, attending classes instructed by my cousin every week. At a time that many thought I would crumble to the ground, I showed strength, for my boys and myself... Everyday is one more day I am reminded that my life is what I have made it, what I have fought hard for. This is what I want to show and teach not just my boys but others around me. I look back at my life the past two years and am very proud and excited of where I stand today, taking the next step in what will be part of the awesome journey I call my life, becoming a konga instructor.

  • Donna Powell

    Donna Powell


    Contact: 0411834990

    Hello my name is Donna and I am 43 years young :-) I love The Jungle Body and how inclusive it is and look foward to sharing my happiness 'Konga' - with you.

  • Donna Taylor

    Donna Taylor


  • Donna Tudball

    Donna Tudball


    Contact: 0427926235

  • Dorota Szyplinska

    Dorota Szyplinska

    konga vypa tyga

    Contact: +48502780239

    Dance and fitness freak :-) Zumba and Fitness Instructor since 2011. Mother of three big boys. Living and working in Poland, Gdańsk.

  • Elaine keogh

    Elaine keogh

    konga vypa tyga burn

    Contact: 0857574434

    HI so I've just brought The Jungle Body to Monaghan & I'm super excited to get my own tribe together over here. .I have 3 wonderful kids of 6months/4yrs/13yrs old so I'm one very busy Mammy but I love it 💖 I can't wait to help people get Fit & have fun & spread the Jungle Body vibe in Ireland 🙌💃xxxx

  • Elaine Rowell

    Elaine Rowell


    Contact: 07765466450

    I am a professional, qualified and experienced instructor with sound knowledge and skills in teaching dance & exercise activities. Professional Qualifications include: Bsc (Hons) Degree in Sport & Exercise Development, IDTA Fellowship Freestyle, Associate Ballet, Associate Street. I am also a fully qualified instructor of Zumba Fitness & Metafit. I am passinate & driven and have an innate ability to motivate self & others.

  • Elhanna Onions

    Elhanna Onions

    konga vypa tyga

    Contact: 0417777865

    Outgoing and ambitious young woman living in Newcastle NSW. Looking to study Occupational Therapy. I want to empower women and help them find their FIERCE!

  • Elisabeth Meisel

    Elisabeth Meisel


    Physical activity and exercise are essential for your mental and physical wellbeing, which is why I made it my mission to inspire others to exercise and have fun while working out. During my studies, both in Austria as well as abroad, I have tried many different workouts and I stumbled across The Jungle Body in 2015, which became my personal favorite: an energetic, functional hybrid training fusing Cardio, Dance, Boxing, Squats, Burpees and Sculpting driven by the beat of your favorite tunes. What more could you ask for? Beginning of 2016, I have decided to become an instructor myself and since then, I have been trying to pass on my enthusiasm for Konga and exercising to my participants. If you are looking for more intensity, more results, less complexity and the most fun, my classes are the ones you should join :-)

  • Ellie Buswell

    Ellie Buswell


    Contact: 0459999592

    I've been doing calisthenics for around 12 years and absolutely love to dance and perform. I'm super confident, loud and love meeting new people! I enjoy going to the gym but much rather incorporating dance into a workout to make it more lively and enjoyable, hence why I started participating in Konga classes myself. I can't wait to get started!

  • Emily Shi Thu Su Whei

    Emily Shi Thu Su Whei


    Contact: 0173730799

  • Emma


    konga vypa tyga

    Contact: 0408542737

    I'm a 22yr old mum with a family who loves to move and most importantly have fun ❤️