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07500871732 | WILMSLOW, Lancashire, United Kingdom

I have always had a passion for dance and fitness and have danced from an early age. I have been working as a qualified Fitness Instructor for the last 10 years, specialising in dance-fitness classes including Zumba, ballroom and Latin fitness, Konga and Jagua. I LOVE teaching the Jungle Body programs. These classes are easy to follow and highly addictive! The variations of intensity in routines makes them accessible to so many fitness abilities and I really enjoy seeing how much participants get out of attending my classes. Come and try a Konga or Jagua class.... you won't regret it! Classes are held at Manchester Rugby Club in Cheadle Hulme, UK. For further class details and videos, please visit my website at:


Alessandra Bizzi

Alessandra Bizzi photo

0406256650 | Carlisle, Western Australia, Australia

I'm Alessandra, 30 years old Italian girl that live in Australia since 2014. I like fitness, photography, arts and everything were I can put creativy. I'm energetic and very friendly.


Alex Ch'ng Wee Hung

Alex Ch'ng Wee Hung photo

Sarawak, Malaysia


Alex Freitas

Alex Freitas photo

Idalia, Queensland, Australia


Alicia Driver

Alicia Driver photo

Augusta, Western Australia, Australia

Hi my name is Alicia, I was a participant in Konga classes in Augusta WA I loved them so much that when the opportunity came for me to become an instructor I had to do it, and I would never look back on becoming a TJB instructor



Alison photo

0405701247 | Speers Point, New South Wales, Australia



Aly WINTER photo

0433379806 | Rivervale, Western Australia, Australia

Hi! My name is Aly. A passionate Health Coach, group Fitness Instructor, and former gym owner, my goal is to help 1,000 people in our local community be stronger, fitter, and healthier by 2025! To help them understand how be healthy on the inside AND the outside by being aware of WHAT they put on their skin, by fuelling their bodies with good, wholesome food, AND doing exercise that they LOVE! And that is what brought me to The Jungle Body programs and KONGA and BURN in particular!! It's absolutely the most fun you can have while getting fitter and healthier! Currently I am instructing classes at Fernwood Melville at these times:- doing classes at Impala Fitness in Maddington (1897 Albany Highway) at these times. WEDNESDAY @ 6.00am BURN Fusion WEDNESDAY @ 8.30am BURN We also do popup classes from time to time and details can be found on my Facebook Page @ I also cover classes at various gyms around Perth for other Jungle Body Instructors AND can be hired by primary schools, high schools, and corporate bodies for events for 20 - 1000 people! Classes are intense, but supa fun and you can workout at your own fitness level. They run anything from 30-60 minutes (depending on what the class is!) and include a mashup of boxing, cardio, dance, floor and leg work all done to FAB beats and pumping tunes! For more information and to discuss your requirements, call Aly on 0433379806. Look forward to seeing you in a Jungle Body class soon! Aly Facebook:


Alyce Goddard

Alyce Goddard photo

0439523634 | Kenwick, Western Australia, Australia

I am an artist, teacher, musician, wife and mother of two little boys. Since gaining 23kgs after both pregnancies, it became my mission to get in shape again. Now I can proudly say that I've lost all the weight (in only 10 months) and am the fittest I have ever been in my life.



Alyssa photo

Morley, Western Australia, Australia

I love dancing - it doesn't feel like exercise when you're having fun! Dancing makes me happy, fit and confident in my own skin, and I want to spread the good feels and share my passion with others! I'm keen to meet new people and get constructive feedback so I can grow into a better instructor.



Amanda photo

0428468684 | Mt Johns, Northern Territory, Australia



Amanda photo

0403193565 | Alexandra Hills, Queensland, Australia

Proud mum to two young boys and Konga enthusiast


Amanda Brazier

Amanda Brazier photo

+447557192882 | Surrey, Surrey, United Kingdom

I am 54, going through the menopause, suffered with anxiety and depression for many years. I am married with 2 sons, 18 and 29 and a grandson who is 20 months old. I started attending Jungle Body Classes in July 2018, and was absolutely amazed at how quickly I became addicted to these amazing classes that not only helped with getting fit, but the benefits experienced in improving the symptoms of Menopause and anxiety and depression were just unbelievable. I don't know if I will ever have what it takes to be an instructor, but I so desperately want to try. I have um'd and ah'd for weeks, and realized that if I don't try I will never know, so now is my time to try. I want to be that person that motivates, encourages and helps others to overcome issues, insecurities and fears, if I possibly can, and if in the event we all get a little fitter it is a win win situation. The Jungle Body has given me a quality of life that I never knew was possible, I am happier than I've been in a very long time, I want to share this if at all possible. So I want to try this, I will give it my all, and if I don't succeed it won't be because I haven't tried my best.


Amanda Doig

Amanda Doig photo

+447841848281 | Andover, United Kingdom

I am a mom to a very energetic 13 year old daughter and a boisterous almost 6 year old son. For years I have been wanting to get back into fitness, went along to The Jungle Body workshop that I was lucky enough to attend with Tara herself and I became addicted from then onwards. I absolutely love teaching these Jungle Body programmes. I have also LOVED the transformation in my body. The hour of class goes so quickly as the classes are so easy to follow and done to funky music you forget you are exercising! I currently run classes in Andover, Hampshire, UK. Tuesday 6.25pm at The Sports Academy, Andover Wednesday 6.30pm at P20 Community Centre, Andover Please contact me for more details at 07841848281


Amanda Dorrian Hurn

Amanda Dorrian Hurn photo

07801753225 | Surrey, United Kingdom

I’m 45 and love to workout, I teach PiYo at the moment & love it.


Amanda Kelly

Amanda Kelly photo

clarkson, Western Australia, Australia



Amelia  photo

0432469509 | Perth, Western Australia, Australia


Amely Nestl

Amely Nestl photo

+4369914226644 | Wildon, Steiermark, Austria

I love every type of workout. Jungle Body is absolutely amazing! That's the reason of my participation.


Amicia Napier

Amicia Napier photo

0428820020 | Roleystone, Western Australia, Australia

I've been on a slow health and fitness journey for just over a year now, trying to change my lifestyle in ways that are sustainable long-term. One of the things I've learned is that fitness needs to be fun and varied, and, for me, Jungle Body classes fulfil both.


Amy Bobbins

Amy Bobbins photo

07532187268 | Diss, Norfolk, United Kingdom

I have been an jungle body instructor for over five years. This is my full time Job, it is my career and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! From starting out with 1 or two people in a class - I now have a team of instructors who work with me so our classes can reach a wider area and more people. The jungle body is inclusive to all, it’s programs are fun, easy to follow and most of all.... it is all about togetherness - Support and motivation! It had changed my life and the lives of Everyone who attends our classes!"


Amy Kelly

Amy Kelly photo

Chester Le Street, United Kingdom


Andrea Whitfield

Andrea Whitfield photo

Townsville, Queensland, Australia


Angela duffy

Angela duffy photo

07976250357 | Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire, United Kingdom


Angela Nicol

Angela Nicol photo

0211410933 | Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand

I've been doing KONGA for over a year and I absolutely love it. So much so that I'm now an instructor! I also raise awareness around anxiety and depression with my website and blog so I'll be doing classes specifically to get people active and loving life as much as they can!


Angela Tsilavis


Ania photo

+48665609813 | Katowice, Slaskie, Poland

My name is Ania, I`m from Poland in Europe. Konga is my pasion, my love. I`m 40 years old and i have 4 kids ;-)



Anna McCarty

Anna McCarty photo

0272034725 | Upper Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand


Anna Moscher

Anna Moscher photo

Graz, Steiermark, Austria


Anna Mosley

Anna Mosley photo

Chellaston, United Kingdom


Annalie McKeough

Annalie McKeough photo

+61466274581 | Wyndham Vale, Victoria, Australia

Hi my name is Annalie and I am bringing KONGA® to Hoppers Crossing VIC! I am a Mother to 2 beautiful children, Partner, KONGA® Instructor, Intuitive Mentor, Soul Reader & Conscious Relationship Guide at Centred Connections. Life has been my playground, my school, where I learnt and continue to learn very important lessons about myself. I am on the journey of self acceptance and self love and The Jungle Body® is playing a huge role in me being able to embrace all of me. Dancing is very much a part of who I am & I love the way I feel when I am doing KONGA® but for a long time I denied myself that joy. I danced as a kid and it was my life. I found that it was a way that I could express my emotions in a way I couldn't communicate in words. Dancing helped me through some of my darkest days but as I grew up I began to lose connection to who I really was, I stopped dancing & I put on masks to fit into what I thought society wanted me to be. My worth and happiness depended on others. Through the work I have done on myself, I have come to know that it always starts with your relationship to self. When you focus on that, then everything else falls into place. I love supporting others and being able to spread this important message! Do what makes you HAPPY!


Anne Margaret

Anne Margaret photo

60124085696 | Tanjung Bungah, Malaysia

I'm a certified yoga teacher and cuurently running my own yoga studio called Yogabody.Teaching pilates and HIIT as well


Antonina Dubrovska

April Kennedy

April Kennedy photo

0412951441 | Flagstaff Hill, South Australia, Australia


Ariane Scheubeck-Schiene

Ariane Scheubeck-Schiene photo

Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia


Arriane Eva Morrin

Arriane Eva Morrin photo

447975904903 | Brentford, United Kingdom

Hello, my name is Arriane Eva Morrin. Coach, Instructor & entrepreneur @AEM Health and Fitness_KIDS & Foundation Nutrition Trust. I love teaching The Jungle Body Classes : I teach Konga Kids and Adults TJB Classes: Konga/Tyga/Burn Classes ! WEBSITE :


Ashleigh Buller

Ashleigh Buller photo

0459034510 | Mount Louisa, Queensland, Australia


Ashleigh gordon

Ashleigh gordon photo

Aberdeenshire, Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom

I started Jungle body classes over a year ago in turriff with Wilma and have loved it ever since. The class is extremely fun - I was having so much fun I forgot I was doing a workout. I am an administrator at a vets in Turriff while I enjoy walking, going on adventures, working on the family farm in my spare time.


Ashleigh Murray

Ashleigh Murray photo

0424548381 | Harrisdale, Western Australia, Australia


Ashleigh Thompson

Asta Zilyte

Asta Zilyte  photo

Dundalk, Ireland



Aya photo

Heliopolis, Egypt


Azleffa Razali

Bear (Beryl) Amos

Bear (Beryl) Amos  photo

0419701040 | Douglas, Queensland, Australia

Qualified Konga Instructor & Konga BURN Instructor



Becky photo

01474 395 879 | Higham, Kent, United Kingdom

I am a YMCA level two exercise to music instructor and a level two Gym Instructor.


becky head

Belinda Smith

Belinda Smith photo

0429096930 | Manjimup, Western Australia, Australia

I've come to exercise kicking and screaming.... Its never been something I've enjoyed. So I've taught as a means to ensure I exercise regularly and guess what???? Now I love what I do, I hope I can impart my new found enjoyment to you in the classes I teach


Bellagia Nicolaides

Bellagia  Nicolaides photo

+1(305)794-9007 | Hollywood, Florida, United States

Right now i am a world traveler ,bringing Konga in every corner of this Planet :)


Benjaporn Kidney

Benjaporn Kidney photo

0432438201 | Anula, Northern Territory, Australia


Bethan Moorley

Bethan Moorley photo

07403241230 | Derby County, United Kingdom

My name is Beth and I qualified in Konga when I was 16 years old. I now also teach BURN!, TYGA, VYPA + JAGUA and run 10+ classes a week. The Jungle Body changed my life and it has been so amazing to see how it’s changed other peoples too.


Bettina Pichler

Bettina Pichler  photo

00436645385678 | Seiersberg-Pirka, Steiermark, Austria

Mein Name ist Bettina – ich liebe Sport nicht nur als meinen persönlichen Ausgleich und meine Herausforderung, sondern habe mein großes Hobby auch zum Beruf gemacht. Ich liebe es Menschen aus ihrer Komfortzone zu locken um das Beste aus ihnen herauszuholen. In meinen energiegeladenen Klassen, sollst du nicht nur ins Schwitzen kommen, dich auspowern und deinen ganzen Körper trainieren, sondern auch frische Energie für Alltag, Job, Familie tanken. Wenn du also Lust hast dich in cooler Atmosphäre richtig auszupowern und The Jungle Body und mich mal kennenzulernen, komm doch einfach mal zum kostenlosen Schnuppern vorbei Ich freu mich auf DICH!


Beverley Anderson

Beverley Anderson  photo

07387193946 | Washington, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

I’m a 35 yr old fitness instructor with my own little studio love my job and love bringing great programmes to my team.


Bianca McKay

Bianca McKay photo

0403572977 | Canning Vale, Western Australia, Australia


Bowie Chan

Bree Mutch

Bree Mutch photo

0414669291 | Quakers Hill, New South Wales, Australia

Hi I’m Bree! I’m passionate about fitness and wellness, and strive to make my classes inclusive for any body. Growing up dancing, I have trained in ballet, tap, contemporary, jazz and hip hop. I am a mumma of 1, and you will often find us dancing around the house in our spare time.


Bridie stanford

Bridie stanford photo

07403316735 | Harwich, Essex, United Kingdom

I am a fitness instructor/PT looking to expand on classes in my studio


Britney Mather

Britney Mather photo

07800823541 | Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom


Brittany Li

Brittany Li photo

Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia


Candice Abbas

Candice Abbas photo

0432179088 | Wanneroo, Western Australia, Australia

Hi I am a mother to three small children who loves to stay active. Dancing makes me happy so it made sense for me to combine my love of dance and exercise to become a Jungle Body Instructor. I danced for 22 years and The Jungle Body has allowed me to reconnect with this part of myself. I want my clients to come along, have a dance, release some endorphins, get a great workout and leave feeling better than they did when they walked in. The power of dance and exercise is amazing and I look forward to sharing it with you.


Candice Le

Candice Le  photo

0405269163 | Regents Park, Queensland, Australia

I am qualified in Konga, Burn, Jagua, Tyga and Vypa and have been teaching for 3.5 years. The Jungle Body has changed my life and I want to help other people improve their life with The Jungle Body. I live with my girlfriend and we have 6 girls between us and a 1 year old grandbaby girl. I love life and am very grateful to be surrounded by such beautiful and supportive family and friends.


Candice Wightman

Candice Wightman  photo

0408320020 | meadow Springs, Western Australia, Australia

I am a super enthusiastic PT and I LOVE being a part of The Jungle Body!


Caris V

Caris V photo

message me on Facebook! | PERTH, Western Australia, Australia

Hello! I'm Caris, my classes are super fun, intense, wild and a little bit crazy! You will be amazed at what these awesome programs can do for you and your body. Konga helped me achieve my ultimate fitness goals. I would love to meet you, so please come and give Konga a try - it will change your life! Check my Facebook page for my latest timetable


Carla De-Padova

Carla De-Padova photo

07709809510 | Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

I've always had a passion for dance and fitness and in October 2017 I decided to take that passion to the next level and became an apprentice fitness instructor. I am now trained and qualified in level 2 group fitness and I work full-time for a small local dance/fitness business that specialises in fun, community-based dance/fitness classes.


Carly Linnecor

Carly Linnecor photo

07904629489 | Surbiton, United Kingdom

Hello my name is Carly Linnecor and I’m a UK Jungle Body Instructor! I’ve been actively teaching KONGA and VYPA for about 8 years now and I’m still incredibly passionate about the brand. My experience has taught me that TJB can offer both physical and psychological benefits for class participants and Instructors alike!



Caroline photo

07795257994 | Essex, United Kingdom

I have been in the fitness industry for 20 years. From Gym/PT to dance group fitness excerise programmes covering different style of dance. Examples: -Shabam,Clubbercise and Aerobic style dance. Now I wish to try and launch your Konga dance in my gym and local halls as it's new and upcoming and I think it will do well in my local area. I am a fully trained les Mills Insturctor qualified in 4 different programmes. I wish to add this to my qualifications.


caroline mckellar

caroline mckellar photo

07949379345 | edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom




Casey photo

Darlington, Western Australia, Australia


Cassandra goh yee ling

Cassandra goh yee ling  photo

0124269213 | Tanjong Tokong, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia



Cassidy photo

043925929 | Atwell, Western Australia, Australia


Catherine Gummerson

Catherine Gummerson photo

+447734947751 | Derby, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

I discovered Konga after going to Lisa Leigh's first class and fell in love with Konga. After doing many classes over the last few years I decided that I would like to instruct others can't wait to instruct others and pass on the Konga love. It has been a massive part of my journey and has helped me on a mental as well as physical level. I was very shy and it was hard with me to connect with others. I have found some wonderful Konga friends :-)


Chantai Newark

Chantai Newark photo

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Mum of 3 kiddies (8 year old twin boys and a 5 year old diva). I'm married to a wonderful hardworking husband and devoted daddy. Born in New Zealand migrated to Perth, Western Australia in 1999.


Chantelle Cliff

Chantelle Cliff photo

07487577516 | Nottingham, United Kingdom

I've been working as a fitness instructor since 2015 and I've danced since I was 5 years old. I love dance & fitness


Chantelle Smith

Chantelle Smith photo

0402457262 | Halls Creek, Western Australia, Australia

Working wife and mother of two beautiful kids. Im a lover of life and people. Born to move - I live every day filled with Faith, Hope, Love and Dance.


Charlene Ives

Charlene Ives photo

07850 184076 | Leatherhead, United Kingdom

After having 2 Children I was desperate to get fit and get my figure back. After attending a taster Jungle Body class in my local area, I was immediately hooked! As soon as I saw a request for more instructors in the UK, I jumped at the chance. I have been teaching since September 2013 and am loving it! My body has completely changed and am feeling fitter every month. Invade just stared teaching 2 classes and week and hope to increase this in the near future. I love this job! Join me for classes every Monday at 7.30pm and Thursday at 7.45pm at Chessington Scout Hut, Garrison Lane, Chessington, Surrey, KT9 2LD


Charlotte Skipp

Charlotte Skipp photo

07824827432 | Hoxne, United Kingdom

I’m a full time mum and part time ballet and dance teacher


Chen Wong

Chen Wong photo

60168736661 | Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Started the Jungle Body Malaysia in year 2015 with my first main studio located in Miri, Sarawak. We are entering the 5th year in Malaysia and we currently have instructors in Miri, Kuching, BIntulu, Labuan, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru and Penang for all different TJB programs.



Cheryl photo

07967581970 | Devon, United Kingdom

Hey guys i’m Cheryl a busy mum to 2 beautiful girls I also work full time and married to the forces, I started Going Konga classes and fell in love not only did I start feeling the benefits but my confidence grew, fast forward a year and i’m now teaching Konga and loving, we have a great tribe and it’s great to see.


Chloe Cleland

Chloe Stork

Chloe Stork photo

0407777284 | SOUTHERN RIVER, Western Australia, Australia

Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach. Instructor of All 5 programs, with a passion to live my healthiest & fittest life yet and help those around me to do the same. I'm always ready to Shake it, Werk it and have Fun! I hold my classes EVERY Tuesday @ 6:30pm at Harrisdale Pavilion. Follow me on FB & IG : @thejunglebodywithclo




Christy photo

0423926044 | Merrigum, Victoria, Australia




Ciara photo

High Wycombe, United Kingdom


Claire Dada

Claire Dada photo

0447023973 | Perth, Western Australia, Australia

I LOVE teaching The Jungle Body programs! Where else do you box, twerk and tone all in the same class? If you are looking for a fun, but fierce, workout then come along and try my class. I look forward to seeing you! Find me on Facebook and Instagram: @workitfitnessperth Email:


Claire Taylor

Claire Taylor photo

0401343425 | Bedford, Western Australia, Australia

I am a qualified cert III and IV Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor with over 25 years dance experience. Fully insured and registered with Fitness Australia. Visit for more information.



Clare photo

+447741288900 | Telford, United Kingdom

Currently teach spin and pump fx, looking forward to teaching this concept.


Cornelia Giffinger

Cornelia Giffinger photo

Gols, Austria


Daniela Katschnig

Daniela Katschnig photo

Premstätten, Steiermark, Austria


Danielle Loughlin

Danielle Loughlin photo

07850227720 | Chester-le-Street, Durham, United Kingdom

I am a passionate fitness instructor and dance teacher working in various aspects of the dance and fitness industry. My professional qualifications include Ba(Hons) Degree in Dance Choreography; Associate member of the IDTA in Freestyle and Street Dance. I am also fully qualified and licensed to teach Zumba; Zumba Gold; Zumba Kids; Metafit and Bokwa. I aim to provide fun and enjoyable fitness classes for all ages and abilities.


Danielle Wilkinson

Danielle Wilkinson photo

0423648063 | Mount Pleasant, Queensland, Australia

I have been attending the Jungle Body classes with Zoe Spillane in Townsville while completing my psychology degree over the last few years. I have now moved back to my hometown of Mackay and miss it so much and have found there is nothing like it here so would love the opportunity to bring these awesome classes to everyone who has been missing out. I also love how the Jungle Body not only helps fitness but mental health as well.


Debbie Clancey

Di Stiller

Di Stiller photo

0435120548 | Blue Mountain Heights, Queensland, Australia

Di Stiller: Registered Nurse specialising in Mental Health At Night, Business Woman AM & PM, Wife, Mother of 2 Beautiful Adult Children, 5 Chickens & A Cat 24/7. I have been teaching in the fitness industry since 2012 & have trained in many programs. Jungle Body is by far one of my favourites & I am soon to add my sixth training. I run my own business hiring local Venues as well as utilising Council Healthy Lifestyle initiatives to spread the JB Love. Out of 10 classes on my fitness timetable, 5 are Jungle Body Adult & Low Impact Combo's, Plus Konga Kids & Konga Kids Special Needs (Soon to be Roar & Roar Special Needs). My current mission is to secure more spaces to add two Get Low classes to my schedule in the next couple of months. I am truly honoured to be chosen Jungle Body Ambassador for Australia for 2020/2021


Dominique Barr

Dominique Barr photo

0488929844 | Mount Louisa, Queensland, Australia

Bubbly, passionate and fun-loving


Donna Mahon

Donna Mahon photo

0447542000 | Bateman, Western Australia, Australia

Hey! I am Donna, a mum of three gorgeous, energetic little boys that are my entire life. Having had to restart my life, I found an outlet that made me feel alive again, running. From running came konga, attending classes instructed by my cousin every week. At a time that many thought I would crumble to the ground, I showed strength, for my boys and myself... Everyday is one more day I am reminded that my life is what I have made it, what I have fought hard for. This is what I want to show and teach not just my boys but others around me. I look back at my life the past two years and am very proud and excited of where I stand today, taking the next step in what will be part of the awesome journey I call my life, becoming a konga instructor.


Donna Taylor

Donna Taylor photo

Roydon, United Kingdom


Dorota Szyplinska

Dorota Szyplinska photo

+48502780239 | Gdansk, Poland

Dance and fitness freak :-) Zumba and Fitness Instructor since 2011. Mother of three big boys. Living and working in Poland, Gdańsk.


Edelyn S. Ignacio

Edelyn S. Ignacio photo

Davao City, Philippines

Fitness enthusiast, currently employed in Muscat Oman.


Elaine Keogh

Elaine Keogh  photo

0857574434 | Monaghan, Ireland

Hi, My names Elaine keogh. Im 36yrs old & a Jungle Body Instructor based in Monaghan, Ireland. As a busy Mom of 3 kids the absolute highlight of my week is helping My TRIBE feel Empowered & Amazing after every single workout!


Elaine Koller

Elaine Koller photo

+6421744988 | Kingsland, Auckland, New Zealand

I like to move - yoga, Pilates, barre, ballet, TRX, running - but most of all I LOVE to dance! Dancing = happiness.


Elaine Rowell

Elaine Rowell photo

07765466450 | Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

I am a professional, qualified and experienced instructor with sound knowledge and skills in teaching dance & exercise activities. Professional Qualifications include: Bsc (Hons) Degree in Sport & Exercise Development, IDTA Fellowship Freestyle, Associate Ballet, Associate Street. I am also a fully qualified instructor of Zumba Fitness & Metafit. I am passinate & driven and have an innate ability to motivate self & others.


Eléni Bainbridge

Eléni Bainbridge photo

07969159499 | Worthing, Surrey, United Kingdom

I'm 40 years old and I hate exercise... Or should I say hated. I could never get motivated to do any and would get bored quickly, then stop. I went along to a Jungle Body class 4 years ago, to support my beauty therapist who was newly qualified in The Jungle Body and have been hooked ever since! I have 2 children, 2 cats and 1 husband.


Elenor Jacob-Watkins

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