• Agata Ettwell

    Agata Ettwell


    Contact: 0433662275

    My name is Aggie- I'm a single super mother of two, a super nurse as well as a super sidekick to a wonderful mentor who happens to teach Konga. So far life has taught me that you get what you give- put in the effort, ask for the help and you'll get what you ask for. Ive also learnt to trust life's timing... it's time.... TYGA here I come!



    konga jagua

    Contact: 07500871732

    I have always had a passion for dance and fitness and have danced from an early age. I have been working as a qualified Fitness Instructor for the last 6 years, specialising in dance-fitness classes including Zumba, FitSteps and more recently Konga and Jagua. I LOVE teaching the Jungle Body programs. These classes are easy to follow and highly addictive! The variations of intensity in routines makes them accessible to so many fitness abilities and I really enjoy seeing how much participants get out of attending my classes. Come and try a Konga or Jagua class.... you won't regret it! Classes are held at Manchester Rugby Club in Cheadle Hulme, UK. For further class details and videos, please visit my website at: www.zumba-aimee.co.uk

  • Alana Mclaughland

    Alana Mclaughland


    Contact: 07557365136

    fitness instructor and personal at my own studio since 2013. Been teaching freelance since 2009, absolutely love my job and teaching different classes.

  • Alessandra Bizzi

    Alessandra Bizzi


    Contact: 0406256650

    I'm Alessandra, 30 years old Italian girl that live in Australia since 2014. I like fitness, photography, arts and everything were I can put creativy. I'm energetic and very friendly.

  • Alex Ch'ng Wee Hung

    Alex Ch'ng Wee Hung


  • Alex Freitas

    Alex Freitas

    konga burn

  • Alicia Driver

    Alicia Driver


    Hi my name is Alicia, I was a participant in Konga classes in Augusta WA I loved them so much that when the opportunity came for me to become an instructor I had to do it, and I would never look back on becoming a TJB instructor

  • Alison


    konga burn

    Contact: 0405701247

  • Alyson McNulty

    Alyson McNulty


    Contact: 0433379806

    The Jungle Body in Maddington with Aly & Courtney Hi! My name is Aly. I own Power Fitness in Maddington with my husband Chris, and we are passionate about health and fitness! Our goal is to help 10,000 people in our local community be stronger, fitter, and healthier by 2020 ! To help them understand how to fuel their bodies with good, wholesome food, and get them doing exercise that is fun and motivating! And that is what brought me to The Jungle Body programs and KONGA in particular!! It's absolutely the most fun you can have while getting fitter and heathier! Together with my fellow instructor Courtney, we aim to make our classes the MOST fun you can have getting fit. WeI would love you to come down and try our classes here at 24/7 Power Fitness Maddington (1897 Albany Highway, Maddington). We have 3 classes a week, our 2018 class schedule is:- MONDAYS @ 9.30am KONGA TUESDAYS @ 6.15pm KONGA THURSDAY @ 6:15pm KONGA @ 24/7 Power Fitness Maddington, 1897 Albany Highway, Maddington. Classes are intense, but supa fun and you can workout at your own fitness level. They run for approximately 50-60 minutes and include a mashup of boxing, cardio, dance, floor and leg work all done to FAB beats and pumping tunes! Cost is $15 per session for a casual class, but your first class is FREE to try is you haven't experienced the KONGA craziness yet! If you LOVE us, you can purchase a ten pass card for $99 (saving over $51 dollars!). What to bring: Water A Yoga mat (if you have one, otherwise we have spares!) And your "Can Do" attitude! Please call me on 0433379806 for more info, or email me (Aly) at info@247powerfitnessmaddington.com.au if you have any questions! Look forward to seeing you at class soon! Aly Facebook: https://www.facebook.com//TheJungleBodyinMaddington/ or https://www.facebook.com/247PowerfitnessMaddington/

  • Alyssa


    konga tyga

    I love dancing - it doesn't feel like exercise when you're having fun! Dancing makes me happy, fit and confident in my own skin, and I want to spread the good feels and share my passion with others! I'm keen to meet new people and get constructive feedback so I can grow into a better instructor.

  • Amanda



    Contact: 0403193565

    Proud mum to two young boys and Konga enthusiast

  • Amanda Doig

    Amanda Doig

    konga jagua burn

    Contact: +447841848281

    I am a mom to a very energetic 13 year old daughter and a boisterous almost 6 year old son. For years I have been wanting to get back into fitness, went along to The Jungle Body workshop that I was lucky enough to attend with Tara herself and I became addicted from then onwards. I absolutely love teaching these Jungle Body programmes. I have also LOVED the transformation in my body. The hour of class goes so quickly as the classes are so easy to follow and done to funky music you forget you are exercising! I currently run classes in Andover, Hampshire, UK. Tuesday 6.25pm at The Sports Academy, Andover Wednesday 6.30pm at P20 Community Centre, Andover Please contact me for more details at http://kongawithamanda.com 07841848281

  • Amanda Hartmann

    Amanda Hartmann


    Contact: 0409949233

    I am a mother of 2(12 and 5) also a qualified personal trainer from kids to over 50s i love what i do its my passion i love dance and i love boxing and mixing them both together excites me as its something different but still with the intensity

  • Amanda Jayne Ayers

    Amanda Jayne Ayers

    Contact: 01404 861200

    I'm a Mature!! Fitness teacher who's been in the industry for 25 years. I love teaching inspiring classes & Konga looks like it will hit the spot for me & my participants...my background is gymnastics & dance & now I am heavily involved with boxing, my adorable sons train & compete. I've been lucky with my genes although I look after myself...folks don't always believe me when I tell them I've hit 50..it's only a number, I can handstand like a teenager!! I currently teach Pilates & Conditioning classes & previously Zumba & Piloxing but now ready to promote a new programme, one that offers to all levels of fitness, I want to bring the fun back into lives. ;-)

  • Amanda Kelly

    Amanda Kelly


  • Amara


    konga vypa tyga

    Contact: 0450172595

  • Amber O’Keefe

    Amber O’Keefe

    konga vypa jagua tyga burn

    Contact: 0410533262

    "Hi there! I run classes in Shelley, Perth, Western Australia. My classes are fun, wild and fierce! I guarantee you will have a smile on your face while burning calories! Please visit www.junglebodywithamber.com.au for more details. I look forward to meeting you and burning those calories! Find me on Facebook The Jungle Body with Amber and follow me on instagram - junglebodywithamber

  • Amely Nestl

    Amely Nestl

    konga jagua

    Contact: +4369914226644

    I love every type of workout. Jungle Body is absolutely amazing! That's the reason of my participation.

  • Aminah Stacey

    Aminah Stacey


    Contact: 61410022769

  • Amy


    konga tyga

    Contact: 0402701707

    I am proud mum of 2 with my soul mate. I work as an EA for students with special needs. I love to dance and when I found jungle body I was so excited to combine exercise, dance and have fun together.