Become an instructor!

To become a qualified Jungle Body instructor all you need to do is complete our 100% online training all from the comfort of your own home. Simply purchase the program/s you want to get qualified in and your e-training will be emailed to you immediately. As a Jungle Body Instructor you will:

Learn the ropes

Learn how The Jungle Body® began and The Jungle Body® method all beautifully presented in the e-training manual. This will be emailed to you immediately once you make payment for your training. The PDF e-manual includes access to videos and over 70 pages of education and training.

Master your moves

Learn how to deliver The Jungle Body® method, master dance and fitness technique, musicality and cueing plus learn the secret Jungle Body formula. Your e-training will include theory and videos to help you master functional beat-driven movement.

Shout out loud

Uncover the best ways to launch your Jungle Body career, learn unique marketing strategies, PR tips and social media. We’ll give you everything you need to build, sustain and create classes. Turn it into your full time job or even open your own Jungle Body gym. The opportunities are endless.

Get qualified and receive:

  1. New Choreography:

    Get 8-10 new Choreographed routines every single month to keep your classes fresh
  2. The Workout Library:

    Get access to an archive of hundreds of choreography videos from the past years
  3. Class Finder:

    Add your classes to our website so you can reach thousands of potential clients
  4. The Resource Centre:

    Download marketing material, videos, logos, posters and promotional material
  5. Exclusives:

    Get access to, news, tips, promotions and discounts on clothing and 24/7 support

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Please check your Junk Mail as your training and weekly updates will be sent via email. For more details visit FAQ.

BUY the Program
& get Qualified

Pick the Program/s that you want to get qualified in. Enter in your payment details and you will immediately be sent your Jungle Body training via email. For more details visit FAQ.

Complete your
online training

You have exactly 12 weeks from the date of purchase to complete your training. If you need any help along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out and hit us up. For more details about training visit FAQ.

Pay your license
fee & get started!

Once you Pass your assessment you must start your monthly license fee/s for the program/s. If you don’t keep your license active your Certification will expire. For more details visit FAQ.


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