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Want to bring an exciting an on-trend workout to your gym? 

We know you do! The key to a successful club is building a social & connected community that cannot wait to get to the gym every day. One of the most effective ways to drive these sorts of members is through mind-blowing & epic group fitness. The Jungle Body programs are different to most. We use real music, the kind you hear in a nightclub or on the radio. Its powerful, its addictive & it creates magic in the group fitness room. Nothing can surpass the sound of Beyonce or the beats of Michael Jackson. Your members will fall in love with this program, they will become Jungle Body addicts & they will be demanding more before you know it. Our programs are proven to boost your facilities’ revenue by increasing memberships. You’ll see your member retention reach new heights. We also appeal to a wider audience than most programs. While many workouts have a clear demographic or "type" of participant, our programs are completely inclusive. Our workouts can be mastered the very first time (even for the most unccoordinated) someone walks in the door. The music is varied so it appeals to all generations & the movements are simplistic enough for anyone to join in. Usually dance influenced classes leave everyone shuffling around on the floor with no "real" workout.But...not with The Jungle Body.

  • No Fees for the gym except Music Licensing
  • No need for a Microphone
  • No need to spend on Workshops, Releases or Events
Inhale Confidence. Exhale Doubt


Every instructor has their own unique vibe, spirit & personality so we encourage you to organise auditions before hiring an Instructor. If you would like a free demo class or audition organised at your facility get in touch and we will make it happen!


Do you want to totally transform your Group Fitness Timetable or get some packed our classes happening? You may be interested in hosting a Workshop. When you host a Workshop you provide the venue plus a minimum of 8 participants. In return we offer you:

  • 6 Hour Workshop run by a Jungle Body Ambassador
  • 1 FREE Spot at the Workshop to the value of AUD $249
  • 20% OFF the Training Course price once you have over 10 attendees signed up.


Do you have some fitness superstars that you want qualified? Do you think they will be phenomenal Jungle Bodies. Hook them up with us and we will help make it happen. We can get an Instructor certified within 48 hours! 


We love working with passionate and fierce health clubs through our Social Media. So don't be shy and reach out and we can see what we can do together to boost Memberships and get The Jungle Body addiction started up!