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10 Ways to Build Self-esteem

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A healthy Self-esteem is one of the most important things to living a life to our full potential. Self-esteem is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Someone with good self-esteem feels confident, self-assured and usually has a high level of respect and regard for themselves. When we have a good self-esteem we put ourselves in the position to be the best we can be. So living in state of low self-esteem not only feels terrible but it limits everything in our life. Some people can suffer from low self-esteem every now and then, or maybe all the time, maybe since they were young or maybe its something that has been triggered by a relationship, change in lifestyle, work or your weight. There are so many reasons! We have put together some tips to help build and maintain a healthy self-esteem.

  • Stop being a perfectionist. Accept that things may not be perfect and that is good.
  • Treat yourself like you are worthy.  Pamper yourself, do things that make you feel amazing & invest in self-care. When we do this on a weekly basis, we start to teach ourselves good habits that eventually become your normal day to day attitude. If you don’t think you have nice hair, go to the hairdresser and get your hair styled. See how beautiful your hair is. The extra confidence you get during that time will allow you to flourish and you may hold your head up a little higher. This is essentially giving you more and more practise of being worthy. Eventually, you wont need the blowdry, you just needed some help seeing what you are worth.
  • Create a mood board/collage on your wall or a pinterest which has inspiring images and quotes that are a reflection of who you want to be. Check this one out for inspiration: Listen to empowering music like the Self-Esteem boosting playlist here: https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/185843922110430308/
  • Listen to beats that inspire you and make you feel good. Music can be like therapy. It can transform your mood in an incredible way! Check out this self-esteem boosting playlist:
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