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Who are we?

We are The Jungle Body® – a global exercise & movement-to-music company offering a range of soul-igniting and beat-driven programming for everyone. What makes The Jungle Body different is we are more than just about your physical health – we are about supporting your mental health. To put it simply, we are your happy place. Our programs are about celebrating & empowering all body shapes, ages, sizes & fitness levels. Our classes are inclusive, vibrant, welcoming & 100% stress free. You can find our workouts in over 20 countries worldwide led by our phenomenal team of highly certified instructors.

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What do we do?

The Jungle Body® is the brand behind our eight programs – Konga®, Vypa®, Jagua®, Tyga®, Burn!, Cubz, Getlow & Roar. Each program comes with a monthly release of new routines plus a carefully curated playlist to give you one damn good time. We have made sure our classes are fun, easy to follow and give you the flexibility to perform at your own pace. Whether you’re wanting a high intensity boxing class, a fun kids program, low impact training or the hottest dance cardio class on the planet - The Jungle Body® has a program for you.

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How we do it?

Our programs are created in-house by our team of Choreographers who design, test & film up to 10 new routines per program every month. Each routine is carefully curated to the hottest, greatest & latest tunes. This ensures all Jungle Body classes are consistently fresh, challenging & ready to flood your body with feel-good endorphins. Our super talented & ultra-friendly Instructors are certified through our global e-training system so they can deliver high energy ridiculously fun classes. Oh and yes…you can have two left feet & still master a Jungle Body program from your first go.

Meet our
amazing team!

The Jungle Body® is the only fitness company that allows its instructors to get 100% certified online! We offer empowerment through flexible employment where our instructors can become their own boss and teach once a week to full-time! Our instructors can teach from anywhere in the world – from Australia, Malaysia to London or Austria!




The creator of The Jungle Body, choreographer for KONGA & BURN programs. Over see's all choreography & company. Mum of 2.




A constant source of community spirit within our instructors. She also is the head of retail for The Jungle Body Label apparel.
Mum of 1.




The Choreographer behind JAGUA, VYPA, ROAR & CUBZ. They also manage everything behind the scenes including assessments. Mum of 1.




The person behind all of our social media, content creation, design & PR, she is the guru of all things marketing! Dog mum of 1.




The Choreographer behind TYGA, VYPA, & CUBZ. She focus's on dance-cardio creation & music. Mum of 2.

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